Coming soon...

I'm proud to say that I have some papers in the works, but nothing has reached publication yet. Links to each paper and its associated infographics will be added upon publication. Indents are purposefully excluded from citations for consistency across devices. 

Herrera DJ, Moore S, Cove MV. In prep. Thinking outside the park: Best practices for using camera traps within the urban matrix. In prep - Target: Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Herrera DJ & Cove MV. In prep. Serendipitous camera trap evidence of novel trophic interaction points to larger impacts of the urban heat island. In prep - Target: Scientific Naturalist.

Burns MK, Herrera D, Brosius T, Muir TJ. 2020. Depressed supercooling point and increased glycerol concentration in overwintering adult tiger beetles (Cicindelida). CryoLetters 41(4): np.

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